We are committed to the production and supply of some of the finest, high-performance chemical raw materials for leading industrial and consumer brands. From the lustre on paint coatings to the indestructible strength in buildings and car tires, our company is privileged to operate at the inception of consumer applications that rely on chemistry. We supply more than just specialty chemicals to kickstart our client’s chemical operations; we provide expertise that is culminated over years of research and development in the creation, production, supply and application of quality raw materials.


Built over a rich, unprecedented legacy of over 50 years, our brand recognizes and leverages on the opportunities that stem from a strong foundation. With an excellent standing amidst leading chemical manufacturing companies in UAE, Kemipex descends from a multi-industrial history, arising a strong devotion to the chemical industry we have today. Having worked with internationally acclaimed brands such as Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Gillette, General Electric, Bayer, BMW and many others from a host of different markets in our precursory, we now cater exclusively to the giants in the chemical industry by supplying an extensive range of products, including epoxy resin, calcium and zinc stearate, lubricant additives, base oil, brake fluid and more. Our vision inspires us to transform the merits of our technical and commercial inheritance into industrial expertise for our global partners and clients.

Expertise of Chemical Excellence

Expertise of Chemical Excellence

Our sales team consists of professionals with strong industry experience. As an innovative partner, we offer considerably more than just high-value products; we support you in facing a multitude of challenges and offer you tailor-made solutions. These are coupled with our strong in-market presence as trusted chemical manufacturers in UAE, thereby providing you access to the latest products and technologies.

Partnerships Empowered by Trust

Partnerships Empowered by Trust

Kemipex is a well-established chemical supplier in Dubai with an outstanding reputation across the Middle East and Africa; known for its reliability in supplying high quality materials over the past 22 years. When you work with us, you are working with companions.

Supply & Reliability

Supply & Reliability

Our warehousing facilities in Jebel Ali Freezone, and strong chain of distribution network across the Arabian Peninsula eases product accessibility for our customers on demand.

Helping You Emerge as a Market Leader

Helping You Emerge as a Market Leader

Based on product type, market demands, and supplier preference, our flexibility will adopt the most cost-efficient business model, whilst providing quality service and competitive prices. Furthermore, our extensive network of connections facilitates import and distribution, and conducts direct sales for our suppliers on an indent basis.

Products that Embody Innovation & Variety

Products that Embody Innovation & Variety

As innovative partners, we believe in combined value and performance to generate excellent results. We have a diverse portfolio, and offer a wide-range of products. In coordination with our suppliers, we offer tailor-made, chemical solutions.

Support & Assistance

Support & Assistance

As a well-established chemical company in UAE & across the Middle East and Africa, we believe in providing full support to our clients. Our trained technical support team is fully devoted to assist you around the clock. We are always ready to help, offer solutions, and suggestions.

We believe in

  • Who we are

    At Kemipex, we are pioneers of engineering. Our strong foundation and expertise in the development and supply of technologically advanced, economically improved products, allows us to be the best at what we do. Through innovating solutions, our uniquely tailored products cater to the needs of every sector in the chemical industry and add value to their needs. Our strong technical team, supported by a collaboration of expert formulators and allied suppliers within the industry, enables us to strive for our customers and offer a wide range of premium and performance- oriented products.

  • What we do

    We offer you unparalleled services to transform your requirements into winning market attributes in the Chemical industry. From superior lubricants and rubbers to unique polymers and construction chemicals, our product-line spectrum ranges from food, pharma, and even personal care. Kemipex delivers diverse solutions and raw materials, whilst complying with industrial specifications. Our vast, resilient resources and strong technological database optimizes our reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of our customer’s finished products.

  • Our Vision

    To leverage on our expertise and create solutions that make us the most sought-after experts of the chemical industry.

  • Our Mission

    To embrace innovation, sustainability and social responsibility in our daily operations for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

  • Our Values

    Our strengths are attributed to our determination and drive to best support our customers. Yet, our devotion essentially ascends from the core of our values, that form the heart of our corporation and shape our operations.


We believe in delivering innovatively-designed products and solutions to meet distinct requirements, enabling our clients to become market leaders. Innovation is our key component in creating an extensive portfolio and expanding the horizons of our client’s potential.

Customer Centricity

Embracing the shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric market, we are committed to a high quality customer service and provide reliable solutions, which go miles in establishing long term relationships that is founded upon mutual support and trust.


We value unity in diversity to grow as an internationally acclaimed corporation. From our multi-cultural work environment to strong industrial networks across the globe, we, at LUBIMAX®, assist you as a truly global brand.


Our commitment to sustainability governs our use of raw materials and ensures that -solely- ecofriendly processes predominates our approach. With the belief that ethics and excellence go hand in hand, we hold ourselves accountable in inspiring our clients to be guided in a sustainable way as they achieve their goals.

Our Products

  • Lubricants

    LUBIMAX® offers you an entire range of intelligently designed lubricant additives, encompassing heavy duty diesel oils, passenger car motor oils, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, a and variety of other automotive need-specific packages. Our family of lubricant additive packages is suitable for both, on road and off-road applications.

  • Coatings & Constructions

    Kemipex brings you an entire spectrum of highly advanced, engineered epoxy resins. We have various products that deliver quality adhesion, and impart immense strength to finished designs

  • Personal Care and Cosmetics

    We provide a high grade of raw materials for personal care and cosmetics.

  • Food

    Our premium quality food products include colors, flavors, aromas, and CMC. Our grades for each product differ depending on your requirement and application.

  • Adhesive and Sealant

    Our premium range of adhesive and sealants include emulsifiers, anti-foam, and anti-oxidants, which can be customized according to your needs.

  • Rubber

    Kemipex could accommodate a wide range of requirements in the rubber industry, meanwhile offering advanced and cost-effective solutions for every type of requirement of Synthetic rubber.

  • Plastics

    Our range of plastics include plasticizers, impact modifiers, and polymer additives, which can be customized according to your needs.

  • Polyurethane

    We have various products in our portfolio that form a family of polymers such as isocyanates, and polyols

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Middle East Coatings Show Dubai

The Middle East Coatings Show was held on 27th – 29th September 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre and is the largest live and in-person gathering for the coatings community in the Middle East.


Esprene® SPO grades supply under Lubimax® Brand name

We are pleased to inform you that SUMITOMO Japan has started to supply and pack all ranges of ESPRENE® SPO products with the brand name of LUBIMAX® using the same product code, which Kemipex will be supplying.

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