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In our doctrine of trust and transparency, we present to you information on how we collect and process your personal data when you visit our website. We endeavor to ensure that all our data collection, handling, and processing activities are in adherence to current law.

Kemipex remains the data controller for your private data. We guarantee the confidentiality of all information collected by our website tools. If you have any privacy concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Personal Data

Personal data refers to all information that correlates to a natural individual. Kemipex processes your personal data for a number of purposes including but not limited to:

  • Direct marketing
  • Provision of services
  • Conduct of business agreements

Among the type of personal data that we retain in one or all of these processes include:

  • Your name
  • Mobile number
  • Device IP address
  • Location
  • Demographics

Some of the mentioned data types are collected automatically, while others require your input. All website, browser, and IP details are collected automatically. Nevertheless, personal data is collected manually through filling up of different types of website forms by the user.

Processing of the collected data takes different forms include:

  • Collection
  • Stratification
  • Storage
  • Use
  • Erasure

In certain cases, Kemipex may retain your data in its servers for a longer time in order to contact you in future.

How we use your personal data

In strict adherence to the law, we use your data in a way that ensures your security and privacy. Apart from the provision of service, direct marketing and conduct of business agreements, we may need to fulfil certain legal obligations. This includes processing data in accordance with legal liabilities that we are subject to. For instance, social security laws, retention records laws, trade sanctions and local employment laws.

With your consent, we use cookies to improve the quality of service we offer you when you visit our website. Consequently, Kemipex uses your data to jolt our website memory on your consent to the use of cookies on your device(s). For more information, please read our cookie policy (need to write different piece for cookie policy). The legal basis behind this is provided by your consent when you first visit our website.

Sharing your personal data

In an effort to accomplish the above expressed purpose, we may share your personal data. The below points are some of the second to third parties that we are obliged to share your personal data with.

  • Third party organizations such as reputable public and governmental authorities. We do this in order to comply with regulatory and legal obligations which we are subject to.
  • Successor organizations in the event of business reorganization.
  • Other companies within our group and third-party companies that help in delivering quality service to you, such as suppliers, web developers and other outsourced support services.

In the above mentioned cases, your personal data will only be shared for limited purposes. To this extent, we take necessary precaution to ensure the security of your data and/or its processing for intended purposes only.

Transfer of your personal data from UAE

Your data is subject to the highest levels of protection in line with Article 31 of the UAE Constitution and Article 378 of the Penal Code (Federal Law 3 of 1987). To provide you with the best service, we endeavor to share your data only with affiliates and partners whose countries have strict personal data protection laws. These include most countries in Europe, as well as others who follow the Civil Law System. Our global business may at times necessitate the transfer of your data across the UAE borders, but our privacy policy guarantees that this will be done with strict adherence to established privacy laws.

How we protect your personal data

Kemipex has put in place adequate legal and technical measures to ensure the security of your data. We provide this security through utilization of updated encryption methods that guarantee dynamic security of your personal data.

How long we preserve your personal data

Different types of data call for different lengths of storage periods. We firmly guarantee to only store your data as long as legally allowed. For instance, employment applications may be stored for a longer period for future references.

Your rights

The below are your legitimate entitlements to our use of your personal data.

  • Right to access – You have the right to inquire on our handling and processing of your personal data.
  • Right to rectification – You have the right upon knowledge to request rectification of your personal data in our possession.
  • Right to restriction/objection of processing – You have full rights to restrict or object to the further holding and processing of your personal data. Under these circumstances, we may still retain your data but refrain from further processing it.
  • Right to data portability – You retain full rights to receive a copy of your personal data in a structured, and commonly used format, or have it transferred to another data holder.
How can you withdraw your consent?

After confirming whether we are holding your data and/or processing it, you can write to us at to withdraw your consent at any time. However, please note that this does not invalidate any previous processing before your withdrawal request, or any further processing subjected by a law superior to your consent.


If unsatisfied with our way of handling data and you feel that our process leads to infringement of your privacy, you are welcomed to lodge a complaint with a superior local authority.

Contact Us

For any further information related to this privacy statement, you can contact us at

Changes to our privacy policy

Kemipex retains the sole rights to review and change this privacy policy statement to keep up with changing laws and developments. Please keep reviewing our privacy policies over time and again to ensure you consent.


Kemipex grants no permission whatsoever to copy, reproduce, or distribute any part or whole of our website content or privacy policy. Violations will be dealt with legally.

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