Performance Polymers

Polyamides (PA 6, PA66)
Polyamide, also known as PA or Nylon, is a highly reliable material among engineering plastics used in various industries, including the automotive industry, electrical/ electronic technology, construction, sport, household appliances, and mechanical engineering. PA6 and PA66 are semi-crystalline polyamide materials whose most essential properties are as follows:
  • The toughest amongst all the engineering plastics
  • High strength and stiffness
  • High impact resistance
  • High heat deflection temperature
  • Low tendency to creep
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low warpage
  • Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, and many chemicals
  • Outstanding oxygen gas barrier properties
  • Good abrasion resistance and surface slip (friction) properties
  • Good electrical properties
  • Excellent process-ability
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (EVA)
Ethylene vinyl Acetate is the thermoplastic resins produced by the co-polymerization process of ethylene and vinyl acetate monomer in a high-pressure reactor. Its properties vary according to its VA content.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
Polymethyl methacrylate, also known as acrylic, acrylic glass, or plexiglass, is an amorphous thermoplastic with the highest transparency among plastics. Due to the exhibition of glass-like qualities– clarity, brilliance, transparency, translucence – at half the weight, PMMA polymer is often used as an excellent alternative to glass in products such as shatterproof windows, skylights, and aircraft canopies.

Its excellent characteristics make PMMA the right choice for a wide variety of application segments such as automobile, building materials, electric appliances, optical goods, and products used in everyday life.

Key Characteristics:
  • High Transparency: Excellent Light Transmission (Up to 92%)
  • Good Chemical Resistance: for sanitary and medical applications
  • Good Weather Resistance: Good resistance to UV light and weathering
  • Lightweight: 50% Less weight than glass
  • Excellent Scratch Resistance: High Surface Hardness
  • Excellent Process-ability
  • High Gloss & colourability
  • Good Impact Resistance vs Glass: 10 X
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