Tackifiers are used in formulating adhesives which require aggressive tack. In addition to increasing tack, increased peel strength and decreased shear strength also result from the addition of tackifiers in the adhesive formulation.

Hydrocarbon Resin C9
Kemipex offers high quality petroleum resins that can be used as tackifier, performance modifiers and homogenizing agents in various industries such as adhesive manufacturing.

Hydrocarbon resin C9 is polymer of nine-carbon aromatic monomers. This product has excellent adhesion, good flexibility and high solubility and compatibility with various polymers. Hydrocarbon resin C9 is mainly used as tackifier in adhesive formulations particularly hot melt and solvent -based adhesives. This resin provides outstanding tack and optimized surface adhesion.

Hydrogenated Resin C5 
Another high-performance petroleum resins that can be used as tackifier in adhesive formulation is hydrogenated resin C5. This product has been hydrogenated and has light color and high thermal stability. Hydrogenated resin C5 is mainly used in solvent-based pressure sensitive and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives.

Gum Rosin
In adhesive and sealant industry, this product is widely used in some kind of adhesives, especially in hot melt, pressure sensitive and rubber adhesives. Gum Rosin enhances the strength, plasticity, and viscosity of adhesive.
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