Premier Quality Lubricant Additives UAE by Kemipex

Kemipex offers you an entire range of intelligently designed lubricant additives encompassing heavy duty diesel engine oils, passenger car engine oils, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, and a variety of other additive packages that can be used in the formulation of other automotive and industrial lubricants. Our family of lubricant additive packages is suitable for both on road and off-road applications. Our products optimize performance in heavy duty engine oils, passenger car motor oils, marine engine oils and motor cycle engine Oils.

Innovative and High Impact Lubricant Solutions for Industrial Applications

For the last 50 years, Kemipex has been involved in the manufacture and supply of lubricant additives for clients based in the UAE, Middle East and Africa. In addition to that, we have been recognized as the top lubricant additive manufacturers in UAE and as trusted suppliers on both the local and international forums on account of our unrelenting customer services and innovative, technologically advanced and high quality product line.

We recognize the problems that most industrialists face nowadays. To eradicate these issues, we rely on our years' worth of experience, expertise and insight to formulate solutions that are not only compliant with the advancing industrial specifications, but the specific consumer needs as well.

Our experts use innovative methods to design and deliver products, including lubricant additives, polyalphaolefins, hydraulic engine oils, marine oils, jet fuels and automotive lubricants and coolants. We are also recognized as the leading base oil supplier and brake fluid manufacturers in the UAE and across the Middle East & Africa.

Offering High End, Tailor Made Formulations at Cost Effective Prices

The reason behind our success and commercial growth over the years is our dedication and commitment to our work. We strive to attain maximum client satisfaction by using smart and responsible methodologies paired up with the latest technology to manufacture formulations of the highest quality and sustainability. Moreover, we offer cost effective solutions with complete guidance with regards to using our products, which makes us the supplier of choice for chemical raw materials and lubricants all across the globe.

Lubricant Additive Packages
  • Automotive Gear Oil (AGO) Additive Package
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Additive Package
  • Heavy Duty Engine Oils (HDEO) Additive Package
  • Premium Cascading Motor Oil (PCMO) Additive Package
  • Two–Stroke Additive Package
  • Soluble Cutting Oil Additive Package
  • Industrial Gear Oil Additive Package
  • Hydraulic Fluid Additive Package
Base Stocks & Finished Products
  • Poly Alpha Olefins (PAO)
  • Brake Fluids
  • Coolants

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