Kemipex Joins the European Lubricants Industry Directory (ELID)

In August 2020, Kemipex officially joined the European Lubricants Industry Directory (ELID) as part of our initiative to expand our global reach. We are pioneers within the Chemical Industry and through innovating solutions, our uniquely tailored products cater to the needs of every sector in the chemical industry, which adds value to their needs. Joining the ELID will allow Kemipex to reach a wider audience and offer our unparalleled services to transform customers requirements into winning market attributes in the Chemical industry.

ELID is THE official Directory of UEIL (the Union of the European Lubricants Industry), which represents the interests of the lubricants industry in Europe. Also, UEIL focuses on SMEs and independent companies that produce lubricants and metal processing fluids, which are essential for the automotive and industrial sectors.

ELID attracts over 12,000 unique visitors from all over the world and offers an invaluable source of information to organisations in different sectors and across the globe working. The directory gives companies a simple route to information on the European Lubricants Market and provides suppliers, as well as potential customers with a user-friendly reference tool. The directory is free to access and use, and is available online at the Lube-media hub

You can view Kemipex’s page on the ELID by following this link:


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