Lubricant Workshop | Nigeria | August 2019

A great deal was showcased this year at the Techno Commercial Seminar with the support of Nagode Industries Limited held in Lagos, Nigeria. The seminar presented captivating discussions on various types of Viscosity Index Improvers, an overview on electric cars and great tips for storing and handling products in warehouses. In addition, all aspects of lubricant training were provided along with an outline of advantages of our very own top selling product - LUBIMAXTM

“The most memorable part of the seminar was gathering everyone for a group photo”
- Mohammed Omar, Kemipex Chemical Sales Engineer.

The seminar was a great achievement this year due to a significant number of attendants exceeding our expectations. The major highlights of the seminar were the engaging interactions and intriguing topics enjoyed by our participants about electric cars and the future use of lubricants in Nigeria. Kemipex is looking forward to another seminar between April and May of 2020.


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